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Not Me vs. The Killmores (2008)

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Alexander Major


Alex Major has been recording on a 4-track in his bedrooms for what has probably been about three years now. I've never Played a show and this is my most distributed disc yet (two preceeding it).

Alex Major plays everything. Here's what he played... acoustic guitar, electric guitar, casio keyboard, chair, woodblock, cup, sticks, silly vocals, not silly vocals ambient sounds.



Completed Albums

Not Me vs. The Killmores(2008)

Icabod Sane
Education Vacation
I'm a Walking Stilt
Like A Piano Played By Clumsy Hands
We Are The Lung
There's a Ghost In My House
Kite Scratchin'
Unnatural Bliss
Take You Out (to war)
Seasons In The Sun
It's Not Me